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NL22NEW will be in a new way. The first day

Friends, get ready. There has never been such a meaningful day at any other NL event.

June 17 - Business Rave, first day of NL22NEW. Fully dedicated to productivity, benefits and motivation:

  • Speeches by members of the Corporate Council, the Millionaires Club and invited guests
  • Presentations of new projects, services and major updates
  • Launch of new products

It's not just an event - it's a quest. An adventure where you are not just spectators, but active participants. On the drive of motivation and large-scale networking, the growth of your business is inevitable!

Don't forget about the business cocktail dress code: classic silhouettes in bright acid colors.

June 17 - a mega-dynamic day from 10:00 to 18:00 (GMT+3) at Live Arena. It's time to click the "Buy" button, because there are very few tickets left.

NL22NEW. Everything will change.