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NL21. The results of June 19: product + services + training

Dear friends!

The second day of NL21 is over. We're pushing productivity. You clearly felt it. But the results, the energy, the effect - for a whole year of inspiration!

We presented a new collection of Fineffect cleaning products

The smart home care system for those who know the value of time and want to save the resources of the planet. The concentrates will replace up to 18 cleaning products, hand soap and can clean more than 50 surfaces. A capsule of concentrate + 450 ml of water = 500 ml of the full-featured product. They do not contain phosphates, chlorine, active acids and alkali, PEG, SLES, SLS. It's already available. One drop - One touch - One Planet.

NBS University News

Mentoring course announced

The training that will make you a cool mentor and leader for your people. Let's level up the necessary skills: 

  • from setting personal and team goals to resolving network conflicts
  • from time management to the return of those who have left and the retention of the team
  • from analytics to smart motivation

Corporate Council and top leaders' experiences packed into a course. Soon in NBSU

Rolled out updates to the NL Start chatbot

The smart messenger got even smarter. See 2 new courses in the bot:

  • "Sales" will teach how to build a comfortable relationship with the client and make a large turnover
  • "VK Course" is a guide to the popular social networking site. It will teach you how to promote the page and use all business opportunities

To get into the chatbot:
1. go to the login bot.
2. enter your ID and password.

We invited the guys to the NL Sport Camp - business stag-do in Sochi

A completely new format of meetings for the male half of the company - a mix of sports activities, mountain trekking and communication about business.

  • Participants: managers with DS qualifications and above by the end of June 2022.
  • Time and place: July 18-22. Sochi. SPA-Hotel "Polyana 1389"
  • We accept applications.
  • Men only. Seats are limited!

Announced Business Community-2022 in Abu-Dabi

We look forward to the return of everyone who was, and the debut of those who haven't yet been to the hot business conference! Business, motivation, knowledge, initiative - all in the chic atmosphere of the UAE. 

  • Fall 2022
  • Participation from DT

We premiered the show "Pfft, It's a Myth"

The heroines of our new VK-show will take apart on molecules every misconception and fake about networking, ask the experts, visit the production plants, so that then to say "Pfft, it's a myth" with absolute peace of mind!
Soon in all your VKs.

We started a column "Trend Shaker". Everything for your content!

In the column:

  • we will tell you how to shoot and edit trend videos 
  • we'll give you clear tutorials  
  • we'll show you how to integrate NL products into clips and reels in a stylish and native way! 

BONUS: all the "little stars" who will make videos according to the tutorials and mark the posts with our branded #hashtag will get goodies.  

We presented updates to the My Achievements program

  • Millionaires were welcomed: 27 members of the NL Millionaires Club were recognized on stage.
  • The Dream Grant was awarded to 19 participants of the bonus program in May,
  • welcomed ALL participants to the Dream Grant bonus program (and its new name).

Thank you for being with us on this exciting, productive, and soulful weekend. Apply your experience and knowledge at once, achieve dizzying successes, but remain yourselves and remember - we are here to make people's lives better.

See you around!

NL is more than networking.