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How the company is working now

Up-to-date information on payments, delivery, IP payments, as well as links to useful content for doing business with NL.

Прямой эфир по Sale Rally с Дарьей Мешковой скоро начнется — не пропустите!

Сегодня, 5 июля, ровно в 12:00 мск ждем вас на «пит-стопе» — в прямом эфире Telegram-канала NL_News. Будем тюнинговать знания и заряжаться мотивацией к победе!

Это было невероятно: итоги первого сезона бизнес-завтраков

Топ-лидер из города-победителя Резеда Шарипова, DT5, получит 100 000 рублей — грант на проведение корпоративного события. Ждите большой прокачки в Татарстане!

Congratulations on the end of June!

June was more than summer, business and company birthday. It was a lifetime!

Win money for turnover for speed — the Sale Rally challenge begins!

We are announcing Sale Rally — open sales competitions. All registered managers in all countries where the company is present participate.

Pedals to the floor: heat and Sale Rally!

July will be exciting and very hot. And everyone will be very well-groomed. What awaits us in July?

Be Loved. Be Sun: meet the limited edition sunscreens Be Loved SPF 50

The limited series of sunscreens for face and body Be Loved with SPF 50 high protection factor.

Meet our new summer products in Latvia

To smile dazzlingly, drink aromatic herbal tea, see the world in all its colors — that, as we understand, is true summer!

Discontinued international shipping from Finland

From July 4, the service of international delivery from Finland stops working.

Hot savings continue — discounts on selected NL assortment!

Don't miss out: discounts are valid until June 30 inclusive.

Strength is in benefit! 15% discount on Defender Formula in Finland

From June 29 through July 3, there is a 15% discount on Defender Formula in Finland.